Casa Del Jaguar

Your wellness space in the heart of Isla Mujeres

Casa del Jaguar offers a wide selection of services tailored to help you unwind and nurture your body and mind in the heart of Isla Mujeres.

Yoga and meditation

Embark on a journey toward the perfect balance between body and mind through our yoga classes. Seize the opportunity to encounter a profound harmony and inner peace beyond your stay. Enhance your practice with Reiki, Thai massage, and aromatherapy.

Zazil-Ha Laser Spa

We invite you to Zazil-Ha Laser Spa, a haven of rejuvenation and beauty that changes the skincare experience. Indulge in a range of laser body and facial treatments designed to enhance skin texture, tone, and firmness, transporting you to a complete renewal.

Lotus Spa


Nestled within Na Balam, only 50 meters from Casa del Jaguar, indulge in our private jacuzzi, a haven of tranquility where the comforting warmth of the water envelops you in a soothing embrace, melting away the accumulated tensions in your body.

Mud Massage

Rich with minerals, this treatment deeply cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, firm, and rejuvenated. Due to its multiple benefits, this ancient treatment has been used for centuries, since it goes beyond skin care.


Our massages are a journey of relaxation and renewal amidst the serene surroundings of Isla Mujeres. Immerse yourself in this transformative experience where body and mind harmonize in tranquility and rejuvenation.


This unique space helps release toxins accumulated in the body and alleviate the stress and worries of everyday life. Steam aids in enhancing blood circulation, relieving muscle and joint pain, and revitalizing the skin amidst the comfort and beauty of Isla Mujeres.

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