Casa Del Jaguar

Casa del jaguar
Casa del jaguar
Casa del jaguar



Indulge in the epitome of sophistication at our boutique hotel in Isla Mujeres, where every suite is a testament to luxury, adorned with elegant amenities and breathtaking views of the island’s distinctive landscape and the vastness of the sea.


Junior Suite

Explore the allure of our Junior Suite, where intimacy and inspiration converge in this heavenly enclave tailored for couples in search of an exclusive retreat. Every element has been meticulously chosen to offer you an experience of serene elegance. In this room, minimalism transforms into art, creating a space that provides an environment free from distractions.

Two Bedroom Suite

Crafted with love and meticulous attention to detail, this suite provides a cozy and expansive environment for sharing special moments with your loved ones. Luxurious amenities seamlessly blend with minimalist decor, creating an atmosphere of serenity and unity. This room embodies the same elegance and tranquility that defines Casa del Jaguar.

Master suite

Step into a realm of luxury and sophistication in our Master Suite. Every corner beckons you to explore the duality of tradition and modernity, warmth, and luxury. The suite’s expansive space is complemented by a meticulously planned layout, providing distinct areas for rest, relaxation, and contemplation. The soothing rhythm of the waves adds a melodic backdrop, while a sense of privacy envelops you in a comforting embrace.

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Wake up each day to the gentle murmur of the waves of one of the best beaches on Isla Mujeres caressing the shore, a constant reminder that you are in a place where time stands still to pamper you. Our minimalist rooms, yet imbued with indescribable luxury, are a sanctuary of comfort and elegance, providing an intimate space just for you.

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